Lawyers For People Hurt By Medical Negligence In Iowa

We trust our doctors and health care providers with our lives. When a physician misses a diagnosis, a surgeon makes a critical error, a hospital administers the wrong medication or your baby is born with an injury, that trust can be broken forever. If the medical mistake results in a serious injury or death, it may not ever be possible to overcome the sense of injustice.

Carter Law Offices, P.C., in Des Moines, has been a trusted personal injury litigation firm for more than 25 years. We are a respected part of our legal community and have a strong record of representing clients in complex cases of medical malpractice, misconduct and negligence.

We have won significant settlements and jury awards in medical malpractice cases. Many law firms throughout Iowa refer their medical negligence cases to us because of our professional skill and capacity to stick with these cases and continue to fight for the best possible outcome for our clients.

If you think you suffered a serious medical injury or lost a loved one due to an error or misdiagnosis by a licensed health care professional or facility in Iowa, turn to us for help. We will thoroughly investigate your claim and explain your legal options if we feel you have a valid case for filing a lawsuit for damages.

We represent clients in any type of litigation case related to medical negligence, including cases involving:

Complex Legal Process

The process for filing a medical malpractice lawsuit requires several steps, including a local medical review panel to investigate your physician’s actions. We are not a national personal injury litigation mill. We are a local law firm that has earned respect for our integrity within the legal and professional community in our region. Our attorneys back our legal knowledge and trial experience with the highest levels of compassion and personalized client service.

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