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Injured In A Motorcycle Accident In Iowa?

Iowa sits at the crossroads of America. Motorcyclists from across the nation travel on I-35 and I-80, crisscrossing our state while traveling to our towns and cities throughout our beautiful rural countryside.

If you were injured or lost a loved one in a motorcycle accident occurring in Iowa, call Carter Law Offices, P.C., for local representation. We are a premier personal injury litigation firm with a 25-year record of successfully helping injured bikers and passengers recover full and fair monetary damages for:

  • Medical treatment and care
  • Lost earnings and wages
  • Pain and suffering

Our Des Moines attorneys have earned a reputation for integrity and commitment. Insurance companies know that we come to settlement negotiations fully prepared to take the evidence to trial. Our case results include several trial verdicts and significant settlements on behalf of clients injured in motorcycle and other types of motor vehicle accidents.

When Are Motorcycle Accidents Most Likely To Happen?

With the precariousness of commanding a vehicle with two wheels rather than four and the lack of protection from external forces and factors, motorcycle riders already run a higher risk of accidents than drivers. But what other factors are significant predictors of motorcycle crashes? The data gathered by the National Safety Council shows clear trends.

The first factor that affects the likelihood of a motorcycle crash is geographical location. In 2021, most motorcycle crashes happened in urban environments across the nation – nearly 68%. By contrast, only about 33% of motorcycle crashes occurred in rural areas.

The next significant predictor is the weather. You’d think more accidents would happen when it’s rainy or foggy, but that’s not the case. In 2021, nearly 83% of motorcycle crashes happened in clear or cloudy weather. This figure is likely attributed to motorcyclists’ tendency to ride when the weather is nice.

Another factor involved in motorcycle crashes is the time of day. While the split is less dramatic here, accidents are slightly more likely at night. In 2021, about 50% of motorcycle crashes happened at night, while about 49% happened during the day. These figures make sense since motorcyclists prefer to ride during the day. Still, the few motorcyclists who go out at night are more likely to get into an accident due to decreased visibility.

Finally, alcohol is a factor that’s behind many motorcycle accidents. In 2021, only about 28% of motorcyclists were impaired at the time of their crash. So, we can surmise that impaired drivers are the more likely culprits. Some drivers find it difficult to notice and share the road safely with motorcyclists when sober, so the task becomes even trickier with alcohol involved.

We Know Iowa Roads And Traffic Laws – Your Local Legal Counsel

We are not a “conveyor belt” personal injury mill. We take the time to listen and care about our clients’ needs and concerns. We thoroughly investigate every component of your case and fight for the highest compensation possible for your motorcycle accident claim.

Don’t Talk To The Insurance Company Until You Talk To Us

The right personal injury lawyer will often make a significant difference in the amount of financial damages you recover. Call 515-644-4871 or 402-979-8675 or send an email to arrange a free consultation by phone or in person with one of our motorcycle crash injury and wrongful death lawyers as soon as possible.