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The Rise Of Rideshare Accidents And Personal Injury

The country has seen a significant rise in the use of ridesharing app services. Uber and Lyft, the big names in the ridesharing industry, are worth billions of dollars.

With more people choosing to ride with Uber and Lyft over other forms of public transportation, there has been a lot more traffic congestion. More ridesharing cars on the road means more chances for accidents involving them.

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The Numbers Do Not Lie

The numbers from the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports and other crash data show a troubling trend. Since ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft became popular, there has been a small but steady rise – between 2% and 4% each year – in deadly accidents. That is almost one thousand additional lives lost every year since 2010.

According to the Nebraska Department of Transportation, there were 17 fatalities in motor vehicle crashes involving ridesharing drivers in 2018 in Nebraska alone. In Iowa, traffic fatalities continue to increase, from 337 in 2019 to 356 in 2021. The NHTSA also reported that 1,828 people were injured and 24 people lost their lives because of crashes involving ridesharing vehicles in 2021. It is clear from this data that the rise of ridesharing may be contributing to a concerning growth in road casualties.

Determining Liability In Rideshare Accidents Is Complex

Accidents involving ridesharing vehicles can present several insurance and liability issues that are often more complicated than traditional car accident claims. Liability can fall on the driver, the ridesharing company or another party altogether. What makes matters worse is that each party involved will have a different insurance provider, and each will attempt to remove blame from the party they represent.

Free Consultation For Victims Of Rideshare Accidents

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