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Excuses for unsafe behaviors in the workplace

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2018 | Workers' Compensation |

Do you ever worry about just how safe you are in the workplace? Maybe you are concerned that your boss will tell you to do something that is clearly reckless and dangerous, or maybe you worry that your coworkers are going to injure you even if you work safely.

Workplace accidents are very common, so it is worth considering these common excuses that people use for their risky behavior:

  1. The deadline: People just want to get the job done as quickly as they can. That deadline is approaching swiftly, so they ignore safety protocols or take clear risks to shave time off of the job.
  2. Just once: People usually follow proper safety procedures, but, after years of working safely, they decide to cross the line “just this once.”
  3. Unlearned skills: Some workers do not understand how dangerous their actions are. They may never have been given proper safety training, and more experienced workers do not say anything when they see obvious mistakes.
  4. Putting the company first: Employees who resist unsafe practices are told they need to be team players and put the company’s success first.
  5. Rules go too far: When employees think that the rules go overboard, they may be more prone to break them. The unfortunate reality is that those employees may simply not understand why the rules exist until after an accident.

If you work in hazardous conditions and you wind up getting hurt because of it, make sure that you understand all of your rights to financial compensation. Damages can be extensive, and serious injuries can be life-changing.

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