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Man in Ohio arrested for Arizona crash that killed 2 from Iowa

The ramifications of a car accident in Arizona spans North America, as a man was recently arrested in Ohio. The accident, in which he was the driver, took the lives of a couple from Iowa and another couple from Canada.

Reports from the authorities involved say that he was driving an SUV in Arizona when it left the road and went up over a curb. Standing on the side of the street were the couples from Canada and Iowa, who were both married. They were simply waiting to cross the road.

Employers can't retaliate, even for a denied workers' comp claim

When employees decide to file workers' compensation claims, they are automatically protected by the law. Employers cannot retaliate against them because of the claims. Doing so infringes on the employees' rights, and it can create an atmosphere in which workers are nervous to file even valid claims.

Retaliation could include things like:

  • Firing a worker outright
  • Cutting a worker's hours
  • Reducing a worker's pay
  • Giving a worker a less desirable position
  • Not allowing a worker access to benefits

Common car insurance claim mistakes to avoid

If you are part of a car accident your immediate attention should turn to your health and well being. Do you have serious injuries? Do you have minor injuries that still require medical attention?

It's essential to focus all your efforts on your health, as there is nothing more important than this.

Vicarious liability and workplace car accidents

If you have been involved in a car accident at work, one thing you need to know about is the vicarious liability principle. Under it, your employer may be liable, whether or not you were negligent, if you got hurt in the crash.

The main reasons that courts turn to the principle of vicarious liability are:

  • The accident happened while you were actively on the job.
  • The accident happened "within the scope" of your terms of employment.
  • You were carrying out an activity when the accident occurred, and that activity was the reason the company hired you in the first place.
  • Based on what you were doing when the wreck took place, your employer was going to benefit from your actions.

What does Uber do to stop tired drivers?

One potential problem, in the early days of Uber and similar services, was that drivers could set their own hours. This was an advantage in many ways, but what if it meant that the drivers were not safe?

For instance, would a driver with a rent payment coming up try to work for 16 hours straight, driving all through the night in a desperate attempt to earn more money? Would a driver who was so tired that he or she was nodding off at the wheel just keep on driving if the rates were good?

Woman dies when car runs stop sign

A woman who was visiting Iowa passed away in a car accident on a Sunday morning when another driver allegedly ran a stop sign and hit the vehicle in which she was riding.

Per the Iowa State Patrol, a man in a GMC pickup truck was driving down 280th Street, heading east. He came to the intersection where 280th crosses Highway 169, which has a stop sign. However, he did not stop at the sign and simply drove through the intersection.

Excuses for unsafe behaviors in the workplace

Do you ever worry about just how safe you are in the workplace? Maybe you are concerned that your boss will tell you to do something that is clearly reckless and dangerous, or maybe you worry that your coworkers are going to injure you even if you work safely.

Workplace accidents are very common, so it is worth considering these common excuses that people use for their risky behavior:

  1. The deadline: People just want to get the job done as quickly as they can. That deadline is approaching swiftly, so they ignore safety protocols or take clear risks to shave time off of the job.
  2. Just once: People usually follow proper safety procedures, but, after years of working safely, they decide to cross the line "just this once."
  3. Unlearned skills: Some workers do not understand how dangerous their actions are. They may never have been given proper safety training, and more experienced workers do not say anything when they see obvious mistakes.
  4. Putting the company first: Employees who resist unsafe practices are told they need to be team players and put the company's success first.
  5. Rules go too far: When employees think that the rules go overboard, they may be more prone to break them. The unfortunate reality is that those employees may simply not understand why the rules exist until after an accident.

Car accident injuries may show up days later

The car accident happens without warning. One minute, you're driving down the interstate without a care in the world, listening to your favorite podcast. Then a semitruck merges into your lane, clips the front corner of your car, and sends you spinning out of control. You slam into the guardrail and then get hit by a pickup truck that was following too closely behind you.

As the dust settles, you step out of your mangled sedan and you cannot believe it: You're all right. Yes, your heart is beating at 1,000 miles per hour and your emotions are so out of control that you feel like you want to scream, but you did not get hurt. You walk over to the median and sit down to wait for the emergency crews to arrive.

2 killed in crash between car and motorcycle

Two people in Iowa passed away in an accident between a motorcycle and a passenger car. Reportedly, a motorcycle was driving down Martin Luther King Dr., which is in Waterloo. It was going south. The intersection between Martin Luther King Dr. and Mobile Street was ahead of the bike.

At that intersection was a passenger car, which was waiting to turn left. That would have taken it off of the northbound lane of Martin Luther King Dr. and onto Mobile Street.

Commercial vehicle accidents: Correcting myths about seat belts

Seat belts are a relatively new phenomenon in road safety. Although invented in the late 1800s, lawmakers in America did not require them in cars until 1966. Even after this, it was not until the mid-1990s that drivers and passengers were required by law to use them.

Since that time, seat belt usage has become much more commonplace. However, many people still fail to buckle up when they take to the road in Iowa. In commercial vehicle accidents, failure to use safety restraints often leads to the loss of life, limb or well-being regardless of what caused the crash.

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