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Is delivering pizzas a high-risk profession?

Becoming a pizza delivery driver seems like a fairly safe, easy career choice. It's often embraced by high school students and college students who just need some part-time work. You don't really need any experience or training. All you need is a car and the willingness to work alone for much of your shift. The wages are typically pretty low.

However, the reality is that this is one of the most dangerous jobs you can take. The risk is vastly higher than many people realize. Consistently, it ranks out as one of the most high-risk professions in the country.

Can you have a broken neck and not know about it?

Motor vehicle accidents can lead to catastrophic injuries, such as a broken neck. In many cases, these injuries are immediately apparent and the person gets treatment. But is it possible for you to get seriously injured and not find out about it for days, weeks or even months?

It absolutely is. That's exactly what happened to one man who thought he received a concussion in a boating accident.

Apps to disable texting while driving have one serious flaw

Companies that make smartphones understand that texting and driving is a serious issue. It causes car accidents every day. These companies have taken some heat in the press for enabling this behavior, even though the responsibility naturally falls on the drivers themselves.

To respond, manufacturers have added Do Not Disturb features, which essentially shut down notifications when someone is driving the car. If the person tries to use the phone, they just get a warning box telling them that it has been disabled. No notifications will come through until the car stops; for instance, after driving for an hour, you may get a whole conversation from a group text all at once. This is supposed to reduce your desire to respond on the road, cutting back on the temptation.

Man dies in accident at intersection without stop signs

A man has been killed in a car accident in Iowa, and it underscores the need for stop signs to control traffic. Reports indicate that there were not any such signs at the intersection where the wreck occurred. It was a rural intersection that likely does not see heavy traffic loads, but all it takes is two vehicles for a fatal crash.

The wreck occurred right around 4:33 in the afternoon on Monday, Aug. 15. It happened at the intersection where 320th Street crosses with Langley Avenue. That information comes from the Iowa State Patrol.

5 key ladder safety tips

Ladders are inherently dangerous. The higher you get off of the ground, even if you have done the same job thousands of times, the more likely you are to be seriously injured or even killed in a fall.

To prevent that fall, here are five important ladder safety tips:

Statistics show that fall still carries serious accident risks

You may have heard that car accident risks are highest in the summer, and this is true. When looking at fatalities, the summer causes the most auto accident deaths very consistently.

However, do not make the mistake of assuming that the fall is safe and you have little to worry about. The decline in deadly wrecks is not as significant as many people assume, and you still face greater risks in the fall than you do during the winter and the spring.

Did your workplace cause permanent hearing loss?

When you think of workplace injuries, you typically think about one-time events leading to a serious injury. These could include events like:

  • Falling from a ladder
  • Getting an electrical shock
  • Injuring yourself on a machine
  • Getting struck by a falling object
  • Slipping and falling on a slick surface

These are just a few examples, but they are the types of things that can instantly put you in the emergency room. There is no question that you have suffered an injury, and there's no question that it happened at work.

Rural and urban areas: Differences in deadly crashes

It used to be that rural areas, despite all of the open roads and relatively light traffic, saw more fatalities every year than urban areas. It was not even very close. In 1977, for example, about 60 percent of fatal crashes took place on rural roads, with the remaining 40 percent happening on city streets.

Over the decades, the trends have changed. By 1986, around 57 percent of these deadly wrecks were in rural areas. In 1998, it jumped back up to 61 percent, which held for a few years. Then it started dropping again, falling to 56 percent in 2006. A decade later, in 2016, just 51 percent of deadly wrecks happened on rural roads, and it had been that way since then.

Fatigued employees are at greater risk of an accident

Employers want to do everything they can to reduce the odds that an employee will get in a car accident on the job. One thing they can focus on is reducing employee fatigue, as reports show that tired workers are more likely to be involved in accidents.

For instance, did you know that a fatigued driver is more than three times more likely to get in a wreck than a driver who is not tired? Feeling worn out can reduce reaction times, cause people to overlook risks and even make workers fall asleep behind the wheel.

Man in Ohio arrested for Arizona crash that killed 2 from Iowa

The ramifications of a car accident in Arizona spans North America, as a man was recently arrested in Ohio. The accident, in which he was the driver, took the lives of a couple from Iowa and another couple from Canada.

Reports from the authorities involved say that he was driving an SUV in Arizona when it left the road and went up over a curb. Standing on the side of the street were the couples from Canada and Iowa, who were both married. They were simply waiting to cross the road.

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