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Common accidents Iowa factory workers may suffer

Do you think you are safe in your Des Moines factory job? So did the many factory workers who suffered an accident in similar work situations. The truth is, all jobs come with a certain amount of personal injury risk. Sometimes, the risk is very small and relatively minor. Other times, the risk is great and the possible injuries severe.

While workers' compensation exists to replace lost income and cover medical expenses if you suffer injuries, you would probably rather not endure an injury. Most people believe they understand the risks associated with working in a factory, but it is easy to become complacent and ignore these risks. To remind you how high the stakes really are, the list below outlines three common accidents that factory (and other) workers often suffer.

What are some examples of bad faith practices by an auto insurer?

Most motorists in the state of Iowa and elsewhere in the nation take care to keep their car insurance payments on time and up-to-date. This provides motorists with a feeling of security if they are ever involved in a car accident. After all, you have fulfilled your end of your insurance contract by making your payments on time. Logically, you have no reason to expect that your insurer will not give you the same fair treatment.

When insurers fail to meet their obligations, lawmakers call this acting in bad faith, a practice not permitted under the nation's insurance law. Insurance companies can engage in bad faith practices in a number of ways, each of them leaving you twice victimized. You first became a victim when your car accident occurred and then again when your insurer did not make good on the policy you purchased.

Your boss can't retaliate if you file for workers' compensation

As a factory worker in the Des Moines area, you know how dangerous your job is. One wrong move, by you or a coworker, could have catastrophic consequences. Even a piece of equipment that malfunctions could cause very serious and lasting damage.

If you suffer a work injury, your first inclination is probably to file a worker's compensation claim. But you might also be wondering what your boss will do when you report the accident. Will he fire you for filing the workers' compensation claim or reporting the injury to your supervisor? More importantly, is it legal for him to do so?

What is the best way to avoid negligent car accidents?

It would be inaccurate to say that there is a single, foolproof way to avoid car accidents whether they are negligent or not. Even when you always practice safe driving and comply with all the rules of the road, another motorist could crash into your vehicle. Another way to look at the situation is to acknowledge that you can never have control over another person's driving behaviors.

Each state in the nation experiences a vast number of car accidents daily, and Iowa is certainly no exception. While you are wise to think about your safety behind the wheel, there is little sense in becoming overly paranoid. Instead, consider adopting some defensive driving strategies so that you may spot danger ahead of time and reduce or prevent the possibility of suffering car accident injuries.

  • Avoid tailgating: Staying a safe distance behind other motorists can protect you should a car accident occur in front of your car.
  • Be on the lookout for driver mistakes: Learning to raise your awareness about the vehicles in your immediate area can help you stay prepared for dangerous situations that may arise.
  • Avoid speeding: Maintaining a lawful and safe speed will go a long way toward helping you avoid car accidents.
  • Look at the big picture: Focusing on the entire roadway, instead of looking only at the car ahead of you, can help you spot danger in all directions.
  • Do not succumb to anger: The poor driving behaviors of other motorists are often infuriating. However, it is wiser and safer to let your anger go and stay away from bad drivers.

Delivery drivers are at a high risk for on-the-job injury

In a 2014 Time Magazine report, occupations involving delivery came in at number eight on the list of the nation's most dangerous jobs. Des Moines is a large and busy city in which thousands of delivery drivers work. It makes sense to assume that many of these workers have suffered a work-related injury in some capacity.

While workers' compensation exists to pay for an injured Iowa worker's medical bills and to replace lost income, it is better to avoid injury altogether. Of course, this is not always possible, but with measures taken by delivery drivers as well as their employers, it is possible to reduce the risk of injury.

Benefits a lawyer brings to commercial vehicle accident cases

A commercial vehicle accident is devastating in many ways. The loss of valuable personal property is a concern, of course, but the physical injuries a victim may suffer are even more catastrophic. Commercial vehicles typically weigh much more than ordinary cars and trucks. This weight difference means the occupants of the smaller vehicle will likely suffer more severe injuries than they would in other types of vehicle accidents.

If you have suffered an injury in a commercial vehicle accident, you may be entitled to financial compensation. A good way to improve your chances of acquiring this compensation is by working with an experienced personal injury attorney. There are many ways a lawyer can strengthen your case. These include:

  • Identifying possible liable parties: This includes the driver of the vehicle, the company that owned the vehicle and even the manufacturer of the vehicle or its parts.
  • Gathering evidence and documentation: It is crucial to collect evidence about the accident as soon as possible including the driver's logs and documents related to the inspection, repair and maintenance of the vehicle.
  • Thoroughly investigating the accident: A proper investigation improves the odds of finding and proving negligence on the part of the potential defendants.

Those who help are at risk of occupational injury every day

Emergency medical service (EMS) workers provide the public with life-saving assistance on a daily basis. They respond to emergencies as they arise, often without a thought to their own health and well-being. It is safe to assume that many Iowa residents helped by EMS personnel would have perished without emergency assistance.

Due to the nature and urgency of their work, EMS employees have a high risk of suffering on-the-job injuries. According to a study by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), more than 22,000 EMS employees suffer work-related injuries requiring emergency room treatment each year. Other EMS injury facts include:

  • About 6,000 EMS workers suffer injury from exposure to toxic substances each year
  • Most of the injuries EMS workers suffer are sprains and strains to the neck and back
  • About 2,000 EMS workers are injured each year due to assaults and violence
  • Most of the injuries associated with emergency medical care occur when responding to 911 calls
  • About 2,000 workers suffer injuries each year in work-related motor vehicle accidents
  • Slips, trips and falls injure approximately 4,000 EMS workers each year

Insurers sometimes try to take advantage of victims

You didn't see the other car coming before it sideswiped you. The only thing you really remember is seeing a flash out of the corner of your eye. At that point, it was too late to do anything.

The other party stayed at the scene and gave you his information. He had good insurance and even admitted he was at fault. You assumed the claim process would be simple and that the insurance company would be fair. Now, they're offering a settlement, and it's not even close to what you need.

What to do with a lowball insurance offer after a crash

Getting into a car crash can be a truly terrifying experience. One moment, you're on your way to the store or work and the next, you're inspecting yourself and your passengers for serious injuries. Instead of finishing your drive, you'll be worrying about repairing or replacing your vehicle, filing a police report and insurance claim, and seeking necessary medical attention.

When you sustain injuries as the result of a collision, you probably feel grateful to have insurance coverage. After all, since you've paid your premium for years, you believe that your insurance company will make sure that you're properly covered. Sadly, this isn't always what happens in the aftermath of a serious motor vehicle collision.

Police urge drivers to slow down after snowy 11-car pileup

Inclement winter weather occurs frequently in the state of Iowa. Snow is often a factor and it can have a negative effect on road safety, especially if motorists fail to exercise due caution. Snowy conditions like the recent storm that occurred over the winter holidays wreak havoc on the state's roadways. Police officials have a word of advice for you all: Slow down during stormy conditions.

Nothing punctuates this piece of advice better than proof of what could happen if motorists do not consider weather conditions while driving. This proof comes in the form of an unfortunate car accident that involved 11 motor vehicles, including a state patrol car. The accident occurred Friday, Dec. 30 on Interstate 380, according to Iowa state police.

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