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Des Moines hit and run car accident leaves two hospitalized

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Car accidents are always concerning because they have such a capacity for causing severe injuries or death. Hit and run car accidents are especially devastating, because they show how little regard some people have for the safety of others.

Fortunately, attempts to escape justice by fleeing the scene of a car accident have become more difficult in modern times. In nearly all cases, law enforcement personnel are able to find defendants and place them in custody where they belong.

A recent car accident in Des Moines shines a positive spotlight on the efforts police officers make to find the people responsible for causing negligent motor vehicle crashes. The car accident occurred during the early evening hours of Mar. 6 at University Avenue and 12th Street. It involved two motor vehicles, including the one driven by the defendant.

Witnesses say that the defendant was swerving in traffic and driving onto people’s lawns before colliding with the other automobile. According to reports, the two victims occupying the other car were taken to a nearby hospital with undisclosed injuries. A police official said that the victims are expected to survive their injuries.

The 30 year-old male driver was located at his home approximately 40 minutes after fleeing the car accident on foot. Police took him into custody on several charges including operating while intoxicated, leaving the scene of a personal injury accident, willful injury, interference with official acts and reckless driving.

Investigators remained at the scene of the collision documenting and collecting evidence for about one hour after the crash. Careful investigation efforts help Iowa law enforcement uncover important details about the accident and can aid personal injury victims if they decide to file a claim against the defendant.

Source: Des Moines Register, “Driver in custody after fleeing crash that hospitalized 2 in Des Moines, police say,” Luke Nozicka, March 07, 2018


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