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Common accidents Iowa factory workers may suffer

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Do you think you are safe in your Des Moines factory job? So did the many factory workers who suffered an accident in similar work situations. The truth is, all jobs come with a certain amount of personal injury risk. Sometimes, the risk is very small and relatively minor. Other times, the risk is great and the possible injuries severe.

While workers’ compensation exists to replace lost income and cover medical expenses if you suffer injuries, you would probably rather not endure an injury. Most people believe they understand the risks associated with working in a factory, but it is easy to become complacent and ignore these risks. To remind you how high the stakes really are, the list below outlines three common accidents that factory (and other) workers often suffer.

Falling from elevations: In large factories, employees may work at high elevations. Falling from height can lead to broken bones, head or brain injury and even death.

Machinery accidents: Many factories rely on heavy machinery to manufacture products. Workers may suffer serious crush injuries if they become caught in machinery or struck by all or part of a machine.

Overexertion: This seems benign, but overexertion can cause many physical problems that can take you away from your job. Factory workers who frequently engage in physical labor may be especially at risk for overexertion.

Whether factory worker accidents are minor or serious, never forget that it is your right to pursue workers’ compensation for your injuries. If your claim is denied or your employer tries to stop you from filing a claim, it is wise to seek a legal opinion about your case.

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