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Police urge drivers to slow down after snowy 11-car pileup

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Inclement winter weather occurs frequently in the state of Iowa. Snow is often a factor and it can have a negative effect on road safety, especially if motorists fail to exercise due caution. Snowy conditions like the recent storm that occurred over the winter holidays wreak havoc on the state’s roadways. Police officials have a word of advice for you all: Slow down during stormy conditions.

Nothing punctuates this piece of advice better than proof of what could happen if motorists do not consider weather conditions while driving. This proof comes in the form of an unfortunate car accident that involved 11 motor vehicles, including a state patrol car. The accident occurred Friday, Dec. 30 on Interstate 380, according to Iowa state police.

Reports indicate that two vehicles struck a police car as the officer was diverting traffic from a separate car accident. The crashes involving the patrol car set off a chain reaction as vehicle after vehicle collided with one another.

In the end, 11 motor vehicles were involved in the multi-car accident and five people suffered injury. Four of the injured victims appear to be members of a single family as they share the same last name. The victims received treatment at various hospitals and one man was flown via air ambulance to University Hospitals of Iowa City.

A police officer stated that he observed many motorists driving too fast when he was on route to the scene of the accident. He urges people to slow down or simply stay at home in inclement weather. For those who suffered injuries from car accidents involving this and other types of driver negligence, an injury attorney may help you find a legal solution. Doing so may provide you with the compensation you need to recover.

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