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Explanation of liability in a commercial vehicle accident

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2017 | Commercial Vehicle Accidents |

Driving on the roads of Iowa is dangerous. With dozens of cars surrounding you at any given time it can be frustrating navigating the roads. Add in the large amount of commercial vehicles on the roads, including trucks, and driving can be overwhelming to say the least. Today, we will discuss the handling of liability in cases involving commercial vehicle accidents.

If you want to collect as much money as possible for injuries suffered in a commercial vehicle accident you will need to identify as many defendants as possible. Outside of the obvious defendant, the driver of the commercial vehicle, you should identify a few others that can be named in any lawsuit you file with an attorney. In some instances, other defendants can include the employer of the driver, insurance companies, contractors and more.

Proving liability for all of these defendants can be difficult in commercial vehicle accident cases. This can be especially difficult when dealing with a driver of a commercial vehicle that was an independent contractor of the company. The underlying issue here will be determining how much involvement the company had when supervising the contracted worker.

The damages you could be entitled to when injured in a commercial vehicle accident include those for pain and suffering, physical injuries, emotional injuries, lost wages, damage to your vehicle and property, and more.

Were you involved in a commercial vehicle accident in Des Moines? Speaking with an experienced attorney will help you understand your rights and who can be held liable for the accident in Iowa.

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