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What should I do if I’m in a commercial vehicle accident?

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2017 | Commercial Vehicle Accidents |

Responsibilities at work can range from minor to major. When you add in a company car, your responsibilities can become very stressful. Driving a vehicle that belongs to your employer takes a lot of focus and ability. You will likely be more stressed when you’re behind the wheel of this vehicle compared to your own car or truck. So, what should you do if you are involved in a commercial vehicle accident?

The first thing you must do is report the accident. Report it to the authorities if people were injured and report it to your employer. When police arrive, be sure to only give minimal details. If you were not at-fault, be sure to tell your employer all about the accident. Never admit fault in any type of accident.

Even if you believe you weren’t injured, seek medical attention. This can be done on the scene by requesting fire and EMS to respond to the scene. You can also choose to have the paramedics transport you to the hospital for further evaluation. When you seek medical attention, you are able to get a medical report that will be used in the case should it reach court.

If you are asked to speak with an insurance adjuster by your employer, be sure not to provide a statement, either written or on video, until your attorney has been notified.

Have you been involved in a commercial vehicle accident in Des Moines? An experienced attorney can help you learn about your legal options so you can begin the legal process.

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