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Fall driving tips for the roads of Des Moines

On Behalf of | Nov 24, 2017 | Uncategorized |

Hitting the roads during the fall season can be an incredibly dangerous activity because of all the hazards present. The fall season seems to be one of the most dangerous to be a driver due to wet leaves, debris, deer, sun glare, fog, frost and much more. Here are some important safety tips for you to consider the next time you hit the road this fall season in Des Moines.

Sun glare is a big problem in the fall. The sun sits lower in the sky, which means that when there is no cloud cover, you will find it quite blinding when driving. Always have a pair of sunglasses with you when driving. If the sun glare is too blinding, be sure to safely pull off the road and wait until you can navigate the roads safely.

Wet leaves can be deadly in the fall. Suddenly hitting the brakes and driving over wet leaves can cause your vehicle to lose traction with the road. This can send your car spinning all over the road. Leaves can also be hiding potholes or other debris that can damage your car.

Be on the lookout for deer through the end of December. It’s mating season for deer right now, which is why they are out in force all across the area. Be on the constant lookout for deer when you are driving. They are most likely to be seen on the sides of the road foraging.

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