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Is delivering pizzas a high-risk profession?

On Behalf of | Sep 5, 2018 | Workers' Compensation |

Becoming a pizza delivery driver seems like a fairly safe, easy career choice. It’s often embraced by high school students and college students who just need some part-time work. You don’t really need any experience or training. All you need is a car and the willingness to work alone for much of your shift. The wages are typically pretty low.

However, the reality is that this is one of the most dangerous jobs you can take. The risk is vastly higher than many people realize. Consistently, it ranks out as one of the most high-risk professions in the country.

One potential risk just comes from car accidents. Putting so many miles on your car while working exposes you to far more potential risks than people who simply commute back and forth to work every day. Even if you are personally an excellent driver, you could still get hit by someone else.

However, the risk is greatly increased by the likelihood of intentional violence. People know that pizza delivery drivers likely have cash on them, and they tend to work alone. This leads to a high rate of robberies.

There are stories of delivery drivers getting held up with machetes, knives and guns. Some get attacked by groups of people. One man became slightly famous when he got stabbed and his Jeep was stolen, but he was left with the pizzas. He staggered to the house, delivered those pizzas, and then went to the ER.

As a delivery driver, it is important for you to understand the risks, since many people do not. If you do get injured on the job for any reason, you also need to know what rights you have to financial compensation.


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