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What financial benefits does workers’ compensation provide?

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Suffering an injury or illness on the job can be far more upsetting than you may initially realize. Of course, there is going to be pain and discomfort that you may be battling right away. However, you might learn that you also have to deal with a difficult recovery, time away from work and trouble caring for yourself and your family. 

With all this in mind, it can be helpful to understand how workers’ compensation benefits can help you manage the financial aspects of these and other consequences of a work-related injury

Compensation for lost wages

If you cannot work because of a work-related accident or injury, then you might be worried about how you will pay for things like rent and childcare. 

Workers’ compensation benefits can replace your lost wages if you have to leave work for medical reasons. They can also compensate you for up to 80 percent of your weekly spendable earnings if you are disabled.

Medical care

In accordance with Iowa workers’ compensation laws, all necessary and reasonable medical care resulting from a covered injury can be paid by workers’ compensation benefits.

When your medical care is covered, you don’t have to worry about going into debt or being strapped with massive medical bills. 

Other benefits

You can also collect compensation for expenses related to necessary treatment. For instance, if you must drive or take other transportation to get the care you need, you can be reimbursed for those expenses, as well as mileage at a rate of 56 cents per mile when you use your private motor vehicle.

A victim’s dependents can also collect benefits if a work-related injury proves to be fatal. In additional to weekly payments, these benefits can also include compensation for burial experiences.

Talking to an attorney about your claim

Considering all that is at stake when it comes to workers’ compensation, it can be a costly mistake to ignore your option to pursue these benefits. As such, if you or a loved one has suffered a work-related injury or illness, you can discuss your eligibility for workers’ compensation and the application process with an attorney.


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