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Common accidents Iowa factory workers may suffer

Do you think you are safe in your Des Moines factory job? So did the many factory workers who suffered an accident in similar work situations. The truth is, all jobs come with a certain amount of personal injury risk. Sometimes, the risk is very small and relatively minor. Other times, the risk is great and the possible injuries severe.

Delivery drivers are at a high risk for on-the-job injury

In a 2014 Time Magazine report, occupations involving delivery came in at number eight on the list of the nation's most dangerous jobs. Des Moines is a large and busy city in which thousands of delivery drivers work. It makes sense to assume that many of these workers have suffered a work-related injury in some capacity.

Those who help are at risk of occupational injury every day

Emergency medical service (EMS) workers provide the public with life-saving assistance on a daily basis. They respond to emergencies as they arise, often without a thought to their own health and well-being. It is safe to assume that many Iowa residents helped by EMS personnel would have perished without emergency assistance.

What happens when you're in a car accident while working?

A lot of people find themselves driving as part of their job. Police officers, cab and bus drivers, commercial truck drivers and local delivery drivers are just the start. Sales people, maintenance and repair specialists, and professionals of all kinds drive as part of a job. Whether it's dropping into a client's office or traveling to a convention, business travel can place you at greater risk of injury than other forms of work.

Busy road work year in Iowa closing with 10 deaths

Officials in Iowa are discussing what is going down as one of the busiest in the state in recent memory for road construction. Officials have also said that so far 10 people have died in crashes inside work zones despite the overall number of traffic fatalities in the state dropping for 2017. The total money spent on projects for 2017 was $680 million. Last year saw a record for the state at $695 million.

Reasons for hiring a workers' compensation attorney

If you have been injured on the job, it is within your rights to file for workers' compensation in Iowa. You will want to protect your rights as an employee the minute you suffer the injury. One way to do this is with the help of a workers' compensation attorney. Here are the reasons why you should hire such an attorney for your case.

What financial benefits does workers' compensation provide?

Suffering an injury or illness on the job can be far more upsetting than you may initially realize. Of course, there is going to be pain and discomfort that you may be battling right away. However, you might learn that you also have to deal with a difficult recovery, time away from work and trouble caring for yourself and your family. 

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