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Is delivering pizzas a high-risk profession?

Becoming a pizza delivery driver seems like a fairly safe, easy career choice. It's often embraced by high school students and college students who just need some part-time work. You don't really need any experience or training. All you need is a car and the willingness to work alone for much of your shift. The wages are typically pretty low.

Employers can't retaliate, even for a denied workers' comp claim

When employees decide to file workers' compensation claims, they are automatically protected by the law. Employers cannot retaliate against them because of the claims. Doing so infringes on the employees' rights, and it can create an atmosphere in which workers are nervous to file even valid claims.

Workplace harassment due to a workers' compensation claim

On several occasions, we have stated in our blog that employers in Iowa do not like workers' compensation claims. These claims affect many areas of a business such as insurance costs and the business's reputation. However, that does not mean that all employers in our state would resort to illegal or unethical post-injury workplace behaviors to prevent workers from filing a claim or to "get rid" of employees who have already filed.

Iowa workers' compensation | Your medical treatment rights

Since the workers' compensation system originated in America, workers across the nation have felt much more secure about on-the-job injuries. Knowing that a program exists to help them replace lost income and pay for medical care after an injury gives workers invaluable peace of mind.

As an independent contractor, can I get workers' compensation?

Because only employees are eligible for benefits like medical coverage and payment for lost wages, it is always important to understand how your job classifies you. In the eyes of the law, independent contractors are not employees, and therefore, are not eligible to receive workers' compensation after suffering a work injury.

Postal workers in American face serious injury risks each day

The United States Postal Service (USPS) has expressed pride in its work ethic for decades. Unfortunately, such dedication to service can also come with job-related injury risks. After all, the USPS does not cancel its service for inclement weather or any other adverse event. This means postal workers in Iowa face injury risks every day in their efforts to make sure citizens always receive their mail.

What can you do about workers' compensation retaliation?

Suffering an injury on the job is challenging, but if an employer begins treating you differently after you file a workers' compensation claim, it makes the ordeal even worse. While workers' compensation exists for your benefit, employers typically want to prevent workers from filing these claims.

Types of workers' compensation benefits for injured Iowa workers

Injuries suffered in a workplace accident can be detrimental to your continued health, but they also endanger your finances. The workers' compensation system exists to help injured workers offset the financial costs associated with workplace injuries. For example, through workers' compensation, victims can access the medical care they need without worrying about its cost.

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