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What are some examples of bad faith practices by an auto insurer?

Most motorists in the state of Iowa and elsewhere in the nation take care to keep their car insurance payments on time and up-to-date. This provides motorists with a feeling of security if they are ever involved in a car accident. After all, you have fulfilled your end of your insurance contract by making your payments on time. Logically, you have no reason to expect that your insurer will not give you the same fair treatment.

What is the best way to avoid negligent car accidents?

It would be inaccurate to say that there is a single, foolproof way to avoid car accidents whether they are negligent or not. Even when you always practice safe driving and comply with all the rules of the road, another motorist could crash into your vehicle. Another way to look at the situation is to acknowledge that you can never have control over another person's driving behaviors.

Police urge drivers to slow down after snowy 11-car pileup

Inclement winter weather occurs frequently in the state of Iowa. Snow is often a factor and it can have a negative effect on road safety, especially if motorists fail to exercise due caution. Snowy conditions like the recent storm that occurred over the winter holidays wreak havoc on the state's roadways. Police officials have a word of advice for you all: Slow down during stormy conditions.

How do I spot aggressive drivers in Des Moines?

Getting behind the wheel in Iowa is a dangerous task that millions of people take part in each day. No one wants to fear for their life each day. Driving is so second nature to people that fear disappears not long after gaining some experience. This is what makes people let their guards down when behind the wheel. So, how does one spot aggressive drivers in Des Moines?

What happens when you're in a car accident while working?

A lot of people find themselves driving as part of their job. Police officers, cab and bus drivers, commercial truck drivers and local delivery drivers are just the start. Sales people, maintenance and repair specialists, and professionals of all kinds drive as part of a job. Whether it's dropping into a client's office or traveling to a convention, business travel can place you at greater risk of injury than other forms of work.

Fall driving tips for the roads of Des Moines

Hitting the roads during the fall season can be an incredibly dangerous activity because of all the hazards present. The fall season seems to be one of the most dangerous to be a driver due to wet leaves, debris, deer, sun glare, fog, frost and much more. Here are some important safety tips for you to consider the next time you hit the road this fall season in Des Moines.

Dealing with delayed onset of pain following a car accident

If you ever find yourself involved in a car accident, you will experience a litany of different emotions. Accidents, no matter how minor, can change your life. You could find yourself out of work for months, unable to return to school and even mourning the loss of a loved one. Not all injuries will appear right after the accident. Here are some tips for dealing with delayed onset of pain after a car accident in Des Moines.

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